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Common Questions that I’d love to answer for you

Do you own the QBBC licence

It takes about 2 weeks to complete a bathroom, allow longer for custom made pieces

How will I chose what goes into my bathroom?

At Bathrooms2nv we understand choosing your product can be exciting for some and daunting for others. That’s why we offer you different options.


1, You go shopping on your own for all your items. Pete will just advise you what date they need to be on site.


2, You go shopping on your own, and then you are welcome to call Pete or arrange to meet him if you need any guidance or advice.


3, Pete will meet you at the showroom and offer any advice or guidance you require. You will be in complete control of what you choose, but after you have pick you items, Pete will then happily arrange for the items to arrive on site. 


Please remember you are in control at all times when choosing your items, Pete is there to help if needed.


Contracts and QBBC Home Warranty

The work is covered for a period of 6 years 6 months from the date (whichever is earlier):


the premium is paid

a contract is entered, or

work is commenced

The period of cover is extended where the work takes longer than 6 months to complete. 

Quoted price covers subcontractors?

Yes, our quotations cover the entire job from design to development, including our qualified trusted tradesman and contractors.

Do you provide colour palette samples

Yes, we have colour palettes and bathroom layout designs to give our customers ideas to design their dream bathrooms.

How much will it cost?

Send us and email or message on Facebook to get sent an Enquiry document to give more information. 

Who can renovate my bathroom?

Peter holds his QBBC Plumbing, Drainage, Gas and Builders license.

By holding these licenses Peter is able to safely complete bathrooms with the safety of being insured by the QBBC.

If your renovation involves coordinating and supervising multiple trades on site and the value of the job (labour, materials, GST) is over $3300 – you will need to engage someone who holds a builders License to be able to coordinate and subcontract these trades. 


So therefore, they will have to coordinate, tiler, plumber, electrician so all their labour, materials and GST must come below $3300 altogether. 

Time limits for making a claim

For non-completion of work claims, the contract must end within two years of the day work starts and you must make your claim with the QBCC within three months after the date the contract ends.


For defective work claims, structural defects are covered for six years six months from the date (whichever is the earlier) of payment of the premium, a contract is entered or work is commenced and you must lodge the claim within three months of noticing the defect.


Non-structural defects are covered if you become aware of the defect within six months after the day the work is completed and you must lodge the claim within seven months of the completion date.

Where do you buy the products from

We work with local businesses to only supply the best brand we have worked with over Pete 30 years in the industry. Leading brands like

– Urban Tiles
– Reece
– Better Bathrooms
– Timberline
– Bunnings

Do you provide tile samples

We offer tile colours and the latest designs in trend. We have fittings and fixtures to show our clients when deciding there plumbing products.

Trusted Leading Brands

Quality does not come cheap, we only use trusted brands all with warranties.